Humble Beginings

      Founder Jerzy Myssura started trading in alcohol in the early 1990s when the communist government changed in Poland and new business opportunities arose there. He exported Utica Club beer from the US to Poland, it was sucessful for a short time but demand eventually faded away. 

        In 1998 Jerzy saw an increased demand for alcoholic beverages from his home country of Poland and founded MCM Trading Inc with 2 other partners.

       Their first Product was Pirat Vodka a private label brand with unique packaging like no one had ever seen before. Jerzy like most start up businesses started off small and went liquor store to liquor store personally selling the Vodka and delivering it with his wife and youngest son in their 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

      With the success of Pirat Vodka, Jerzy moved on to importing more brands from Poland and eastern Europe. Eventually buying out his other two partners and renamed the business to Myssura Trading Company.


     After almost 20 Years in business Myssura Trading Company has imported over 20 million bottles of Alcohol into the US, and continues to grow its brand list portfolio and distribution across the country. With distribution partners in all 48 States, Myssura Trading company has cemented its legacy as one of the Top importers of alcoholic beverages from Poland and Eastern Europe.

Our Commitment

     We pride ourselves in importing and distributing only the highest quality alcoholic beverages available. We have been known to throughout the years drop brands we have been selling because they failed to meet our standards and expectations in taste and quality. We promise our customers that we will give them only the very best products Europe has to offer.