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Perla Browary Lubelskie

 Perła wśród piw!

Perła Lublin Breweries is one of the largest regional beer producers in  Poland, and Perla the biggest independent beer brand. The company  consists of the production facility located at Kunickiego 106 St and the  headquarters of the company’s board situated in the historical brewery  in Bernardyńska. The Brewey is celebrating 170 years in business


Browar Jablonowo

Manufaktura Piwna

Browar Jabłonowo, is one of the few Polish, independent, family owned breweries. Established in 1992 the breweries rise to success is due to their fast adaption to current market needs. To the satisfaction of their consumers they are consistently  introducing innovative solutions to their brewing techniques and marketing strategies.


Browar Jagiello

Jagiello brewery was founded in back to 1993, when the Grażyna and Lucjan Jogaila decided to set up regional small brewery that the stayed true to the valuable Polish brewing tradition. Initially the production capacity of the brewery was small and was only 4000 hl per year. Currently they are able to meet the demand for products throughout the whole country with additional sales exporting to Asia and the United States.


Polander Beer

Polander beer is apart of Myssura tradings mission to give high quality beer at the best possible price, we brew our Polander beer using traditional Polish hops and ingredients to show case how a traditional polish style lager should taste. Polander is packed in 12 pack 500ml bottles please contact us for additional packaging requests.



Everybody is a Gazda!

A Gazda is fearless and strong and we brew this beer to showcase those qualities of a Gazda This beer is brewed like a traditional European style pale lager. 


Quinta Monteiro de Matos


These wines from Portugal offer a unique culture, technique, and environment that makes these wines one of the most  interesting in and sought after in the world. If you add to these characteristics the  relaxing and calm ambience, and with the unique sights over the vineyards, you will reach Quinta Monteiro de Matos


Bimber Vodka


Bimber Vodka is a unique hand made vodka produced in Polands Old Legal distillery. It is made in small batches, and made with the highest quality winter wheat.

Gorzka Korzenna


Gorzka Korzenna follows in a long Polish tradition of herb and fruit vodkas, and a traditional Polish practice of producing alcohol infused with fruits and steeped with herbs. 

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